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A more beautiful thing you never did see! Welcome to Everlasting Candles, your new fav showpiece for your home. 

Everlasting Candle is an elegant and unique steel oil candle that doesn't melt down. This real-flame candle offers an elegant and timeless take on a household staple.

Clean Burning, Beautiful and everlasting, you will want a set in every room!

Each product is listed seperately below which allows you to choose the vessel you want for your space! There are 5 vases to choose from and 5 different metal candle hues. To create a complete set, select your favorite vase, a set of the 3 metal candles and a jar of pristine oil! That's everything you need to get you started! And in future only the oil needs to be purchased to keep your candle going! 

Please note, we have shown multiple images of the product to give you an idea of how they look. The exact colour combination you order is up to you, these images are for your inspiration!