About Us

Hello Lovelies and welcome to Bella & Coop!

We opened our doors in March 2018 in Caledonia, Ontario, a quaint and friendly little riverside town!  Bella & Coop came as the result of finally taking the plunge to risk it all and chase a lifelong dream. Michele (aka Mama Stone) has always had a passion (ok, more like an obsession) with creating exciting, relaxing and beautiful spaces. She passed this constant desire onto her daughter, Remi, who is the other half of Bella & Coop.

We have admittedly always been addicted to change, and until now, our homes have always been our canvas to express ourselves and our constant need to mix things up as we grow as individuals. As a team, we have brought this fondness for change into everything we do at Bella & Coop. We love to keep things new and exciting for our customers, which results in new items weekly, so there is always something different to see or to be inspired by!

Surrounded by our lovely team of other décor-loving ladies, we strive to not only bring unique and beautifully curated items but offer an exceptional shopping experience with great service. We love interacting and being inspired by each of our lovely customers' unique eye for design, and we will be happy to help you find the perfect look for you!

We invite everyone to come and visit our little utopia and take your time discovering what we have in store for you.