Bella Collective

What is Bella Collective

It is like a collective closet! Featuring gently pre loved goodies from our personal closets and from the closets of our customers! Featuring only the brands and stock we have carried in store. A great opportunity for you to snag a fav your missed from previous seasons or collections at a fantastic price! Or to earn some extra loyalty dollars to cash in by bringing in some of your favs to share with others in the collective closet.

How does it work

Launching in store Caledonia (and online) in late January or early February, this will be a small curated collection available to purchase! 

Interested in bringing in some clothes for the collective?

We are currently accepting clothing Spring/Summer Seasons now. (And any true transeasonal items) You can drop off your items any time! (You can drop off in either store, Waterdown or Caledonia. However, note, Caledonia is closed for renovations currently, looking to reopen late January) 

Bring in any gently pre loved clothes you have that have been purchased from us (we will only accept fashion that we have sold in store*) for consideration for the collective. Any pieces we are interested in carrying, you will receive 50% of the retail price we intend to sell it for in the form of loyalty added to your loyalty account. (Which can be cashed out to make any purchase) 

While we wish we could commit to taking every piece we are brought, we are unable to based on space, inventory needs and sizing needs which vary and can change week to week. We ask for your understanding if we cannot take all the items  you have brought in for us and please be assured it will never be a personal thing! We have good insights based on our prior seasons as to what is needed in the moment, what has the best chance of selling and what we have space for. 

At drop off, you will be provided a form to fill out and you will leave the clothing with us. If you have several items, please have them neatly folded in a bag so they can be kept together until we have time to review them. Once we have gone through and selected what we would like to keep, (within 7 days) you will get an email message detailing the items we would like to take, including the retail price we intend to try to sell it at and the value you will get in a Gift Card for them (50% of retail value) At that time you can confirm back you would like to proceed or if relevant, which items you would like to leave and which you would prefer not too. A Gift Card will then be electronically issued for you. 

Please know that the prices we set are based on our desire to offer a fair price for amazing pre loved pieces and the desire to turn over our Bella Collective stock often. We will not negotiate on the prices we feel we can sell these for but of course you are welcome to decline if you are not comfortable with any price offered. Re Sale clothing is priced far lower than the original retail prices as is standard in the second hand industry. 

All remaining items must be picked up within 7 days due to space restictions in store. (We really appreicate your understanding with this) 

Online and In Store

When we launch the Collective, items will be available to purchase in our Caledonia store or online". We will feature a seperate collection on line for the Bella Collective. Please note, the only way we are able to offer online is to use the original product imagery we had from when the product is new as taking new photogrpahy of individual pieces would not be time appropriate for us. The sizes available and the fact is is 'pre loved' will be clearly stated in each listing. 

Conditions of SALE

All Bella Collective purchases will be a FINAL sale and cannot be refunded or exchanged. There will be no exceptions to this. 

Other Bits and Bobs

There will be cut off's for seasonal clothing drop off's as each season progresses. We will clealry indicate and update this page to communicate what we are and are not accepting as often as we can to keep you well informed and help you with planning your closet purges! 


 It's a Collective Win/Win!