Bella Collective

What is Bella Collective

It is like a collective closet! Featuring gently pre loved goodies from our personal closets and from the closets of our customers! Featuring the brands we have carried in store and other great premium brands. A great opportunity for you to snag a fav your missed from previous seasons or collections at a fantastic price! Or to earn some extra loyalty dollars to cash in by bringing in some of your favs to share with others in the collective closet.


Interested in bringing in some clothes for the collective?

Bella Collective

We are thrilled to announce that the Bella Collective will continue once our store front is closed and we move to online only, thanks to a very generous local Caledonia business! The Baby Barn, has graciously offered to be a drop off point for Collective. See below for more details as we have changed some of the criteria concerning what items we will take for the Collective moving forward.

 Starting January 29th, 2024 you can qualify * to drop off Bella Collective items at the Baby Barn, located at 18 Argyle Street North, Caledonia. (Just across from our old store front). Because this lovely local business is helping us out, we want to ensure that they are not overwhelmed with too many drop offs at a time, so we will be providing authorization for drop-offs via email! The first step is to email us at: to let us know you have Collective items you would like to drop off!

 Once you receive the okay from us to drop off, you can do so within a one-week period of receiving confirmation from us. We will be picking up Collective from them on Tuesdays and Fridays and will endeavor to get back to you within the following few days. Once we have gotten back to you, you will need to pick up any items we don’t wish to keep within one week of them being dropped off to the Baby Barn. (We will email you when this happens) It is important that you keep to this time frame, as we want to ensure we are not overloading their storage area, which could potentially lead us to no longer be able to offer the Collective…which would be a sad day! Lol!

 Baby Barn Hours Currently Are:

 Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 10am-3pm

Wednesday - 10am-3pm

Thursday - Closed

Friday - 10am-3pm

Saturday 10am-3pm

Sunday - Closed


Please note, we have made some revisions regarding what items we will accept for the collective, to streamline the process of moving it to online only. We will also be only accepting a maximum of 10 items per drop off (to avoid Baby Barn having to store too much for us)! These are currently the only brands we will be accepting for the collective:  

 Free People

Gentle Fawn

Z Supply

John & Jenn



B Young

RD Style

Madison the Label

Kut from the Kloth

Flying Monkey


Brunette the Label 

 Please note, the styles you bring in do not have to be something we carried in store. All items must be in great condition and good repair. There may be items that fit these conditions that we still do not take and ask for your understanding as we know from our experience what will sell and what will not.

 NOTE: We will not take any basics, including tank tops and basic t shirts from any brand except Free People.

 Please know that the prices we set are based on our desire to offer a fair price for amazing pre loved pieces and the desire to turn over our Bella Collective stock often. We will not negotiate on the prices we feel we can sell these for but of course you are welcome to decline if you are not comfortable with any price offered. Re Sale clothing is priced far lower than the original retail prices as is standard in the second hand industry. 

  • All items we do not take, must be picked up within 7 days of our email back to you, due to space restrictions in the Baby Barn store. (We really appreciate your understanding with this as if it does not get adhered to, we may have to discontinue the Collective) Anything not picked up in this time will be donated as we do not have space to store it longer for you! 


Conditions of SALE

All Bella Collective purchases will be a FINAL sale and cannot be refunded or exchanged. There will be no exceptions to this. 

Other Bits and Bobs

When preparing items for drop off to the store for the Bella Collective, please note the following: 

  • Must be freshly laundered and as needed, lint brushed to remove any residual hairs/lint. If there is any significant piling on the item, we recommend using a depiler to remove it before dropping it off. 
  • Must have no stains, marks, holes or ripped seams. (Please inspect carefully) 
  • Must not be missing any hardware or buttons
  • Please take the extra time to inspect and review each item to make sure it is to a high standard and immediate saleable condition. If you don't, chances are it will not be accepted for the collective and  you will be asked to return to collect it.  

 It's a Collective Win/Win!