Chelsea King, Black Satin Sleep Adorn Classic Scrunchie (6997390327870)

Chelsea King, Black Satin Sleep Adorn Classic Scrunchie

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 Our hair goes through a lot during the day, and that continues as we toss and turn while sleeping. Satin contributes to healthy hair by reducing and preventing frizz, tangles, kinking and breakage.  Did you know satins also do a better job of maintaining your hair’s moisture and natural oils?

 Elastic: Our proprietary, special blend elastics are designed for best hold and comfort.


*From *To
'CLASSIC' (REGULAR) 11.4 12.7
'PETITE' (SMALL) 9.4 10.9
'CK THIN' (EXTRA SMALL) 7.62 8.89


Suitable Scrunchie Size Applications

Chelsea King scrunchies are suitable for all hair types, from thin to thick. They are designed to offer superior hold, without discomfort or need for much adjusting and all with a one-twist application. After putting your hair through the open scrunchie, one-twist should be all that is necessary to achieve adequate hold. 


The 'original' size scrunchie. Designed for a classic, timeless look. Ideal for thin to thick hair types. Best suited for buns, messy buns, topknots, ponytails and low ponytails. 

*Measurements provided below reference diameter ranges when the product is lying flat and are approximations only. Fabric type, as well as fabric thickness, will affect these approximate dimensions.

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