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Cleaner Soul Refill Concentrate, Lavender Love

A 2oz bottle of our Sage Cleans concentrate to fill your forever bottles (16.9oz glass spray bottle). Simply pour the concentrate into your forever bottle and just add water!

Formulated by a natural biochemist and a clean freak health-conscious Mum, our 100% non-toxic all-purpose cleaner is fragranced with organic essential oils that use skin-safe and food-contact safe ingredients that are Pet-Safe, Baby-Safe, Vegan, PETA Certified, and Made in the US. Suitable for every surface that can get wet, it removes bacteria, dirt, and grime safely without endangering your and your family’s health. Clean happily and thoroughly for a squeaky clean that leaves you surrounded by the healing aromas of the organic essential oils to inhale with ZERO harmful chemicals to worry about.

Lavender Love had intially been created to safely and effectively clean and remove bacteria from all surfaces that your baby comes into contact with- toys, cots, highchairs, and nurseries, whilst leaving them surrounded by the gentle and soothing aroma of organic lavender essential oil. However, this soon became a best seller for Lavender lovers of all ages.