Crystal set, zodiac. Aries with 5 healing crystals and zodiac card

Zodiac Cyrstal Set, Aries

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This cute little set is the perfect gift! Includes a bag with heailng crystals and zodiac/star sign details. We adore these. (Comes with both an English Version and French version card inside.) 


 Aries: The experience 

March 21 to April 20
Chakra: Sacral 
Planet Mars 

Aries, the first sign of fire, for whom all passion is centered on their accomplishments and desires. This sign attracts attention at the same speed it progresses in life. 

Here are your healing crystals all selected by a certified crystal expert. An information card on each crystal is included in this set. You will be able to discover all the benefits it offers you. 

Assembled in Canada with gemstones from around the world. 


Mental clarity. Login. Cleaning. 


Dynamism. Sexuality. Emancipation. 


Self-confidence. Power. Welfare. 


Passion. Joy of living. Energy.

red jasper 

Healing. Harmony. Understanding. 


You can use these crystals as decoration, during your meditation sessions or on your yoga mat. You can keep them on you to bring you peace and harmony in your daily life.  



The stones all have unique different shapes and colors because they were forged by nature. About 2cm per stone.


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