Garlic Expressions, Vinaigrette/Marinade/Dressing


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100% natural, classic vinaigrette dressing is perfect for salads, meats, vegetables & pasta made with fresh, whole garlic cloves, no preservatives or additives, cholesterol free & gluten free.This delicious, aromatic product is sure to become a new staple for your pantry.

Garlic Expressions uses a green bottle to protect Garlic Expressions® from the light. When you pour it out you'll discover a beautiful, golden dressing with whole garlic cloves, flecks of delicious course ground pepper and other spices! 

INGREDIENTS: Cider vinegar, Canola Oil, Sugar, Fresh Garlic Cloves, Salt, Spices & Xanthan (a Natural Gum). 


  • 100% Natural 
  • Lower in calories than traditional salad dressing 
  • Cholesterol free 
  • No trans fats
  • No preservatives or additives 
  • A natural source of vitamin E 
  • Gluten Free