Ingrid, Satin & Cashmere Toque, 3 Colours
Ingrid, Satin & Cashmere Toque, 3 Colours
Ingrid, Satin & Cashmere Toque, 3 Colours
Ingrid, Satin & Cashmere Toque, Black (6710306373694)
Ingrid, Satin & Cashmere Toque, Various (6710306373694)

Ingrid, Satin & Cashmere Toque, 3 Colours

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We all know the benefits of satin for our hair, but how often do we find a gorgeous toque that provides us a satin lining and pairs it with luxurious cashmere?  

Hello Ingrid from Sunday Mane. 

Not only is it good for you hair and will keep you exceptionally warm, but all styled in a gorgeous toque! 

Everything you NEED to know about Cashmere. (As not only does it feel LUX, it has some great benefits!) While it's a premium (yes, expensive) fibre, the pro's of choosing cashmere are many! We are fans! 

Cashmere is known for its softness, producing a luxury feel. Cashmere is from the soft fleecy underlayer of a cashmere goat. When properly cared for, cashmere gets softer with age.


Cashmere is up to 8 times more insulating than regular sheep’s wool, providing superior insulation.  This is due to the harsh climate the cashmere goats live in, with extreme cold weather conditions.


Cashmere is a lightweight fabric in comparison to the warmth it offers.  Cashmere clothing is never bulky, which makes it easy to travel with – it won’t take up too much space in your suitcase.


Not only does cashmere keep you warm without adding bulk, it also has natural stretch, so you can move easily while wearing it.


Cashmere has hypoallergenic properties making it a desirable choice for baby clothes and blankets as well as those with allergies.

Sunday Mane is Luxury, through an ethical lens

Our organic cashmere is sourced from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, home to the all white cashmere goat. Here are some of the efforts we are committed to while sourcing our yarn

  • We’ve have fenced off large area’s of land to prevent grassland desertification

  • They have eliminated middle people to better pay our herders, sustaining the people and products of Mongolia.

  • We’re upholding a 2000 year old tradition of hand combing fibers from goats. It’s the only cruelty free way to retrieve hairs, and it yields longer, superior fibers.

Caring for Cashmere.


To clean your hat, we recommend a mild shampoo. Using lukewarm water, gently swirl your hat and let it soak for up to 30 minutes. To dry, lay your hat on a bath towel and gently roll the hat in the towel, absorbing all the water.


Pilling is a natural occurrence in cashmere, but it shouldn’t be persistent. Once you’ve washed your Sunday Mane toque, it shouldn’t pill much again. You can use a cashmere comb to remove minor pilling.


It’s important to properly store cashmere when it’s not being used in the off season. Our satin storage envelopes are the ideal way to keep your hat in pristine condition all year long.

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