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You Are My F**cking Sunshine

Let the light shine down on you with Monica Sweeney's You Are My F*cking Sunshine! In this cheerfully irreverent journal, each page is an opportunity to cast out negative energy, welcome positivity, and appreciate some f*cking brightness in the world around you. 

With a healthy sprinkling of profanity and a rainbow of opportunities for reflection, this journal offers space to vent, muse, and practice gratitude in a way that’s all your own. Show some love to all the happy sh*t that brings you levity, recognize what doesn’t, and bask in a sunny glow of goodness with You Are My F*cking Sunshine.

· Get inspired as f*ck with a peppy, down-to-earth approach to gratitude
· Delightfully impolite journaling ideas let you be you
· Feel those warm rays of positivity even when it’s cloudy as f*ck